Translation and Interpretation Services
From English into Spanish, French, Italian,
Portuguese, and other combination among these languages.

Everybody knows translating machines make mistakes because they translate a text literally.

Only an experienced professional can do a translation where proper idioms and wording for each culture are used.

We have a team of qualified translators to do the work you need.

We can tranlate:
*different type of texts, seminars,reports.

*in-house documents, such as worker training and safety manuals, memos,
*documents with technical, scientific and legal subject matter

We also develop multilingual web sites...

Translation of different types of texts and development of multilingual web sites at very convenient prices.

¡ Ask us and you'll be very surprised !!

To get an estimate price, send us the topic and the word count or the document that needs to be translated and we will tell you how much it will cost you and when the work will be done.

We also provide business and general English private lessons.

If you are interested in these or any other services, please contact us at...